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Hello all,
Another question for you...... My Mother now says that she would like a seed box with a dehumidifier! Have I understood this wrongly? A quick search of the internet has revealed that people mainly seem to suggest that this is required for growing canabis (which I am fairly sure is not what she's planning to do in her 60's...... but who knows!!! She has recently invested in solar pannels to cut her electricity bills..... anyway I digress)

I couldn't find anywhere that actually sells one of these things. What are they for? Should I be looking for one under a different name? Where could I get one from? What do i look for in a good one?

Sorry to bombard you with questions but as you can see I need help!

Thanks again




hi does she mean an heated propagator.

1 Dec, 2011


I've never heard of a seed box with a dehumidifier, but working it out, a seed box is somewhere you store seeds - a dehumidifier removes moisture from the air, so is she meaning a box in which she can store seed which will keep them dry?

1 Dec, 2011


I would of thought like Kennyboy A heated propagator with a "thermostat", that or she really does want to cultivate the Herb and knows a little more about it than you or I.

1 Dec, 2011


Oh Pimpernel! I hope you're not trying to insinuate that her mother's a drug dealer? Haha.

Seriously, I can't understand why you would want to dehumidify a plant, when most plants prefer humidity? If a plant needs dry air, why not just put the plant in a centrally heated room?

I think Kennyboy is right about a propagator. I think you should talk with your mother and try and work out what she means. I once asked my mother what she wanted for her birthday. She told me she would like a George Formby grill. She meant a George Foreman grill... Mothers! Haha

2 Dec, 2011


I think Bamboo has the right of it a seed box to store seeds in where they will remain dry.

2 Dec, 2011


thank you for all your advise.

I THINK she probably means a 'dry' seedbox but I have my father trying to find out!

If it is a 'dry seed box' is this something special....?
Should it be made of something special or are we talking old biscuit tin?????????

Thanks again for your help!


3 Dec, 2011


There are fancy seed storage tins..with little pigeon holes. But a biscuit tin is just the ticket.

3 Dec, 2011


Not if mum wants it as a Christmas present then the lovely boxes with places for different packets is the ticket.

3 Dec, 2011


Exactly MG...

3 Dec, 2011

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