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my wife got the wrong name of her plant it's a gardenia, bought in the indoor section of a store. No flowers just loads of bulbs.



I don't remember the first question, Alibongo, but gardenia is a shrub and doesn't grow from bulbs?

2 Dec, 2011


Think they meant buds instead of bulbs.

Gardenia...not the easiest plant to keep. They require lime free compost, soft water, good lighting but not direct sunlight, no draughts, excellent humidity and are prone to scale, mealy bug and red spider mite.

Get past that lot and you'll have an amaizing plant

2 Dec, 2011


Actually, direct sunlight isn't a problem as long as it is adapted to it gradually--they are often grown in full sun outside, here in the desert. Good air circulation is a must, though, as Andy says, cold drafts are hard on them. They only need moderate humidity--nothing like most ferns--but it is easy for them to dry out too much with winter heating. If you set them outside in the summer, they will thank you for it.

2 Dec, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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