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By Rhatton

Kent, United Kingdom Gb


Its the 4th of December and when i went out into my garden this morning I noticed my apple tree had flowers on it. The apple tree is 5yrs old and this is the first time it has bloomed. it is full of buds which look as if they are going to open up.

I would be very grateful if you can give me some advice and maybe an explanation as to why my apple tree is flowering for the first time in December.

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Its been so mild , thats the problem warmest November on Record or 2 nd warmest we have magnolia in the park by work flowering In December crazy or what !!!

Nothing you can do so just leave nature to get on with it .

It means it will have less flowers in the spring less fruit

5 years to flower is realy long to wait have you summer pruned it then again in the winter to help produce flowering fruiting spurs ??

Gnarly g

4 Dec, 2011


If its any comfort, yours isn't the only fruit tree in flower now. 'As Gnarlyg says, nothing you can do, its just the vagaries of nature.

4 Dec, 2011


Thank you for the information, i am only a novice gardener so any tips is greatly received.

4 Dec, 2011


Agree with Gnarlyg, my Fuchsia all cut back and preped for winter started strouting last week.

5 Dec, 2011


Oh dear Geordielad - fuchsias are best left as they are and not cut down until Spring when they start growing again...

6 Dec, 2011


I noticed a quince flower at the bottom of my garden as well. No leave the fuchias and prune in the spring when you see new growth lol I had to stop my hubby cutting ours back a couple of weeks ago!! what is it with these tidy men gardeners??

6 Dec, 2011

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