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How do I protect young trees from frost (flowering cherry and fruit trees) ?





If they are in the ground I would have thought they will be fine, if in pots you could protect the roots with some sort of insulation. They will have lost their leaves by now.

6 Dec, 2011


I agree with Maggy they should be fine if in the ground. I planted a small weeping cherry 2 years ago and it is doing well. It had no problems coming through Hungarian winters which are colder than UK, so hope your trees do well.

6 Dec, 2011


As the others are implying, you don't need to if they're in the ground.

6 Dec, 2011


Cherry trees will be fine, they are very hardy. Mine have been in the ground for 6 years and no problems. You mentioned other fruit trees, what are those?

6 Dec, 2011


Within reasonable limits--i.e., short of the Arctic Circle--winter frost is good for deciduous fruit trees. Not so much late frosts that nip the new growth and flowers! Hence the poem, "Goodbye, and Keep Cold", by Robert Frost.

6 Dec, 2011


the only protection they could need is if you have pests as rabbits etc love new saplings .

8 Dec, 2011

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