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Is any one else getting this message when you try to open your messages?

"We've made a mistakeLooks like something isn't quite right with Grows on You.

Please try again, and we're sorry for the inconvenience."

I have contacted 'the boys' but just wondered if it was me.



I have 2 unread messages and curiosity is making the cat very unwell to the point of fatality. :o)

9 Dec, 2011


SBG there will be nothing there if is another angle the spammers/hackers use! If you've told the boys they will sort.

9 Dec, 2011


hadnt thought of hackers. but there is now a 3rd private message

but I cant get to my previously read messages either.

curiosity curiosity..

9 Dec, 2011


how odd, I'm ok at the moment...

9 Dec, 2011


There may well be nothing there, Seaburngirl - I had an email about a private message today- nothing there, no private messages since 5 days ago...

9 Dec, 2011


I never get any of these messages? and I wonder if it is because when a member puts a link on their blogs to something on the internet I do not click on it?

9 Dec, 2011


I never click on any of the links either, Drc, but still sometimes get these messages

9 Dec, 2011


I know that at least one of Sbg's pms is genuine - I sent it last night. I hope P&A get it sorted.

9 Dec, 2011


I had a genuine one this morning. I know I'm often paranoid about security on Goy but with one thing and another there's been a few odd things lately

9 Dec, 2011


the boys have deleted a spam email and now it looks as if all is well. i have your pm now spritz.

9 Dec, 2011


it costs me £40 a month for gas to keep the at12-15% to bring my seeds through for an early start but I feel its worth it besides its nice to have a warm place at the allotment to drink coffee when you have a break I also burn scrap wood on my stove outside near my work bench it always attracts other gardeners to warm their hands and have a chat I think we have been lucky in the N.East weather wise or have I spoke to soon , ha-ha .Lovey

21 Jan, 2012

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