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Pyracantha 'silver lining', is this going to be suitable for a largish pot?

It came as a freebie from an online garden store. If it will go in a pot it will go into a pot about 2-3ft in diameter. The plant is about 10" x 10" very rootbound in a 3" squat pot. the pot will have to be cut off and lots of tlc.

Any help/suitable suggestions greatfuly received thankyou

On plant Pyracantha



I would use John innes no 3 mix a 1/4 of multi purpose in and add xtra grit I like to put a good half inch of grit around the top of the pot keeps the weeds out and the bugs and makes it easier top water as well , it will be fine for a pot but xtra work durring the summer to keep it watered use a slow relaese fertiliser from April that will feed throughout the growing season , be harsh with the pruning if you want to keep it in shape the downside you will lose berries

Hope this helps I love the variety as well good choice


9 Dec, 2011


Hmm, well its quite difficult to find out - one site says it gets 6-8 feet high and wide, 2 others say it gets 3 feet high and wide and is a fast grower, so anybody's guess by the looks of things. Supposed to turn a red colour in winter. The site that said it got that big also suggests its hardy here in winter - as its variegated, I'd still be a bit careful about not leaving it in an exposed situation in winter, given they're usually more vulnerable to cold than plain green forms of shrubs.

9 Dec, 2011


Thanks Gg and Bamboo, I too found a lot of contradiction, thats why I hoped some GoYer may have it and be able to talk from experience.

Its in the unheated greenhouse at the moment. If the tep gets above -2 C tomorrow i will release it from its tiny pot into a slightly larger one unti the spring. Watering in the smer often isnt a problem as it allows me an excuse to leave the washing up to OH :o)

10 Dec, 2011

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