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Hi everybody,

I have question on whoever, who knows English roses well. This week I saw at florist shop incredible rose. It has very big head, almost like peony, had deep pink colour and smelled very strongly, like perfume. I asked what is the name of this rose and the answer was, that they got it from the Netherlands as "English rose".
Any idea? It was like first sight love. I cannot sleep.



Hi, Katarina!
I am not expert enough to identify it from that alone, but I am curious about what variety it is. Most of my experience with English roses indicates medium to small flowers. I am not certain if that is the varieties I know, or my climate! : ) A picture would help, if you could take one at the shop and post it, especially with something to provide scale, such as a standard ball point pen, or suchlike.

10 Dec, 2011


Have a look at the David Austin Rose website. Just google David Austin roses. When you get to the site click on hand tied bouquets down the left hand side then cut roses in the bar along the top of the page. Miranda would seem to be a good guesstimate of what you are looking for but if it is not that have a look at others.

11 Dec, 2011


im just here to do the hello part lol x .doctor bob or bamboo are good people to ask on here know disrespect .

11 Dec, 2011


Hi Scotsgran, thank you for advice, I know this website, but it is hard to say, because the smell is just described and the size of rose head is usually not described too. I will try to make a photo, if they have it in the shop also next week.

11 Dec, 2011


David Austin English Rose 'Mary Rose is a big pink one

11 Dec, 2011


I expect it would be a David Austin type rose. there are some stunners with very heady perfumes.

11 Dec, 2011
Similar, but more full head. More petals.

11 Dec, 2011


Try this Katarina.

As Scotsgran says I would think it will be one of his. If you click the link on the page to brows the collection. then click for a full description of each rose..

11 Dec, 2011


Hello Pimpernel,

thank you! The closest to apearance and smell description of the one I saw is Rosalind, however, there is written that it has "small buds". The rose I saw had buds which diameter was 8 or 10 cm! Giants.

11 Dec, 2011


Hi Katarina the reason I gave you specific instructions to go to 'hand tied bouquets' and then 'cut roses' was because I found it by accident a long time ago and had difficulty finding it again. Miranda is described as having huge blooms and as it is bred for the cut flower market might be an option. You have got us all interested in finding out what it is so do keep us posted. Rosalind is another of their roses and they describe them as being peony like. Both can be found if you follow the links to the wedding flowers and cut flowers.

11 Dec, 2011


Roses were gone, so no photo.

17 Dec, 2011

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