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i am thinking of using waste water from a washing machine. will washing/biological powders have any ill effects on plants, etc.



I would say yes to the "ill effects" , the plants may be ok????/ but what about the worms etc

So no dont use , I remember once when mine woudnt empty top loader and I poured that out on to the patio the amount of worms that came out wrigling which I quickly picked up and washed in rain water


11 Dec, 2011


Hi Derek and welcome to GoY. If you are using a biological powder/liquid I would also advise against, As Gg has said it wont particularly hurt the plants but will build up in the soil and harm the wee beasties we need in the garden.

11 Dec, 2011


Am guessing that you have a water meter or a septic tank and are trying to save money. Biological washing powder does no harm in septic tanks, so I doubt would cause damage to plants, as long as it is spread out over the garden and not just poured enmasse direct from the washing machine in one place.

11 Dec, 2011


I would change my powder to Ecover if you plan to use it on the garden or their is a natural soap

There is a freephone no to enquire if it is safe to use on the garden. Just because it is natural does not mean it will do no harm..So best for anyone interested to check up before using.

11 Dec, 2011


If you have the space, a reed bed system would be ideal to recycle all of your "grey" water (bath, shower, washer etc.). Basically run the water through reeds/iris etc and collect at the other end for use in the garden. Bacteria naturally build up that will actually eat the detergents and make the water ok to use (similar to those revolving spray things that they use in sewage works). The size of your reed bed depends on the volume of water you use and the chemicals in it, as Pimpernel says, try eco-soap. All depends on space and determination.

11 Dec, 2011


Neighbours of mine recycle the water from their washing machine, they don't use soap in their wash just some sort of ball? don't know what it's called. Oh! Found the name of them.... Ecogenie Washing Balls, they have them on Ebay :)

11 Dec, 2011


Friends of ours had their new house designed to recycle all their grey water. It is used to flush their toilets and after some form a filtration, so no idea what, to water the garden.

Eco balls can do a good job of getting your washing clean. Basically it is oxygen that removed the dirt and the beads inside the ball generate this, or so I understand.

12 Dec, 2011

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