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COMPUTER TECHY QUESTION PLEASE My friend has emailed me Jpeg images which when opened are on Windows photo viewer

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My friend has emailed me Jpeg images which when opened are on Windows photo viewer, but on my screen, I am not given any options in the top panel to open in another format.

If they were my own photos in Windows photo viewer, I would be able to click at the top on Open and then save as Microsoft picture manager...

Please, techy wizards, is there some way I can open and save these Jpeg images, because I want to re-send them by email to another GoY member.

Thanks.. :o)))



I assume you mean opening with another program, and not open in another format, ie change it from say a jpeg image to a gif image?

If your friend sent them through e-mail, all you need to do is right click on the images and save them to wherever you want.

If you need to open and view them with another picture viewer, then again right click, select open with other program and select which program you want to open it with.

If your saying that you want to change the format, then you would have to open it with a picture editing program like Paint Shop and then save it in another file format.

11 Dec, 2011


Hello Myron...
Thanks for replying so promptly ..

When I right click on the photos, I get a list of options ..

Open with
Set as desktop background
Open file location
Rotate Clockwise
Rotate counterclockwise

BUT ... all of those are in pale print and "inactive" when I click on them, EXCEPT bold print for Set as desktop background and Delete...


I don't have many programs on my computer ... not especially techy with that type of thing .. !!!

Any further advice pleeeeeease ..


11 Dec, 2011


TT..Could you not get the GoY members email address and simply forward the original email ?

11 Dec, 2011


Hi ... Pimpernel ..

Good idea... Thanks for replying . :o)

Yes, I could, but the GoY member also has trouble opening and saving such attachments, and I want to save them for myself also, for my use ...

11 Dec, 2011


I've just had a look at some attachments in my e-mail box. If you select ALL the pictures at once, the save as option IS greyed out as you said. But if you select them one at a time it isn't. Having said that, it does give me the option to save them all. However, I'm using Windows mail as I find it suites me, I would assume that you're using Microsoft Office Outlook?

I have a feeling though that you're trying to save them by opening the pictures in Photo viewer and trying to save them through that. What you need to do is open the e-mail, and then in the Attchments box under Subject you will see the little picture file icons. Right click on them and select save as. That should do the trick and then Robert should be your Grandmothers son ;o)

11 Dec, 2011


Hi Myron ...
I clicked on them in a different way, as you suggested... still don't really understand it ...Lol.. but looks like I can save them now..

I'll put a comment on here today or tomorrow to confirm I'm able to save them all, and then I'll delete the question some time after that because not really gardening theme..

Thanks again. :o) x

11 Dec, 2011


Glad you sorted it. Well, if they were gardening related images, I suppose the question could be to do with gardening. LOL

11 Dec, 2011


The knitted results will keep GoY gardeners' dogs warm in the garden ;o)

11 Dec, 2011


Oh T; now you have arroused my curiosity lol can they be knitted tiny?? say as in chihuahua,s size. There should be a thread for our pets.!!

11 Dec, 2011


Hi Maggy...

There are lots of different styles and patterns [with photos of dogs wearing the coats ] and they should be adaptable for toy breeds ... Chihuahua etc...

I'll have a closer look at the patterns during the week when my eyes aren't so tired :o)

11 Dec, 2011

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