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how do you get rid of wild garlic growing in the lawn ?

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Last year I put down some turf to make a lawn. It is now covered in Wild garlic. How can I get rid of this without spoiling the grass.



I do sympathise, somehow I introduced this to my borders 3 years ago, and now end up digging up wheelbarrows of the stuff each year, but it's still spreading, help!

30 Mar, 2009


You can get a weed gun and spot weed each plant, a long job but it does not harm your lawn.

31 Mar, 2009


really sympathise with you that have this dreaded garlic I have not as yet found an answer to it apart from digging it out the person who has it on the lawn why not try using a bulb planter to get the bulbs out then you can put the turf back after just a thought

31 Mar, 2009


id go with the doc it seams the only real option.

31 Mar, 2009


I too have this problem - in fact a whole wood full of it and spreading to the veg plot and the lawn. I haven't found a strong enough weed killer available to the public to do the trick, so have resorted to hand digging it out where it is not wanted. I also try and strim the area (it is quite large!) when the flowers are out but before they develop seed heads and hopefully, this will keep on top of it. Pretty flower though and very tasty!!

31 Mar, 2009


salt and a lot of it is a very strong weed killer

31 Mar, 2009


get big bags for central heating

31 Mar, 2009

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