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By Dwyllis

Rangitikei, New Zealand Nz

I planted a Gloire de Digon climbing rose a few weeks ago, & it has done very well, with quite a few blooms on it. Still too small to train up the lattice fence yet, but it has sprouted what look like two suckers which have been growing like crazy & are now about twice the height of the actual rose. I am sure they are suckers, as stems are a dark reddish colour & a bit rubbery to the touch. I am sure I should cut these two suckers right down, but wanted to check with you guys first.



If they are suckers then 'yes' you need to remove.

13 Dec, 2011


Rather than cut them off, if possible trace them back to where they are growing from the roots (this may involve excavating a little soil around them) and break them off If you cut them off but leave a bud, they can grow again; by snapping them off, you can hopefully remove the whole sucker and leave nothing to regrow

13 Dec, 2011


Young climbing roses also send out long shoots that aren't suckers--that's how they climb--and sometimes the stem looks and feels quite different from the more mature growth around it. The leaves should be nearly identical, though, and the stem will originate ABOVE the graft.

14 Dec, 2011


I will have to check to make sure they are suckers, but pouring with rain today & heading off to work shortly. These two 'suckers' have grown extremely quickly & there are no flowering buds on them. Not sure now. I think I will take a photo when the sun is out again, & put it up here, & ask the question again.

14 Dec, 2011


Yes, suckers will sprout from below the graft, above that they tend to be new branches, and because the other branches are regularly cut these will behave like suckers becoming very vigorous growing shoots - axioms, growth hormones, take over. If you are in doubt about whether they are suckers or not, I can suggest trimming the shoots down in the spring, as if it was a normal shoot. If the leaves are the same as the rest of the plant as tugbrethil says, and flower buds appear then you will be okay to leave it, but if the sprout continues to grow vigorously, sapping the plant's energy, then remove it down to its base, as described above.

17 Dec, 2011


Thank you, very helpful comments for Me. A real novice on Roses.

12 Feb, 2013

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