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after the skimmia blooms

scotland, United Kingdom Gb

what is one supposed to do once the skimmia has bloomed? should i remove the bloom? how do i know it is spent?
thanks very much

On plant Skimmia japonica



Please dont remove bloom heads as this is where new leaf and next years flowers will come from.Skimmia not like hydrangea that retains old blooms and produces new blooms elsewhere on plant.
This explains why Skimmia always keep blooms to outer edge of plant.How do you know it is spent ? Its an evergreen that will last many years not sure what you mean by spent.

14 Apr, 2008


thank you for your answer. by "spent" i meant how would i know when the flower has died. sorry. it was poorly worded.

i'll leave the blooms on and watch with anticipation to see what happens next.

14 Apr, 2008


Really a great plant that doesnt require much attention.The flowers will drop off leaving stalks these will grow on next year . They can be hungry plants and occassionally leaves yellow as nutrients in soil diminish a feed with liquid tomato feed restores them.

14 Apr, 2008


Useful advice Bonkers, thanks from me for that.

15 Apr, 2008

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