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Manure or compost

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I am planning to buy some bulk compost for a new vegetable patch from a company that takes all the local green waste. I will have potatoes in one section and have been told i need manure, but the compost company says the compost will suffice. Who is telling me the truth?



compost will suffice Findhorn certainly this year anyway

31 Mar, 2009


I agree, with Mac if they have composted at a high temperature their product should be alright this year.
If growing Brassicas you need to add a dressing of lime, and you can top up with liquid feeds i.e. Maxicrop or Tomorite on whatever you are growing.
Best of Luck.

31 Mar, 2009


Hi Findhorn we never use manure on the veggie bed just compost. Do you actually live at Findhorn?

31 Mar, 2009

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