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Can somebody pls identify this for me

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it was given to me & i cant remember any details




Does it have rough short hairs on the stem? and does it grow really fast? It might be a hop

31 Mar, 2009


yes rough hairs
yes grows fast, last year after planting it put up one thin stem that wrapped its self around a cane & reached 6 ft high

31 Mar, 2009


another photo added

31 Mar, 2009


Im sure its a hop-Humulus lupulus. There is a variety called Aureus with bright green leaves. In autumn it sometimes produces hops (cheers!) Beware its a rampant climber, good for covering something quick but tends to grab hold of surrounding plants and throttle them. Just keep cutting it back to where you want it. If you look on my pics there is one behind the red poppy.

31 Mar, 2009


Thanks youre a star.
i borrowed the root stock from a "Large " house i was working @ forgot what i had taken & wondered if i had re-planted in the wrong place

31 Mar, 2009


Thanks Mageth i have now moved it to another fenced area where it cant "throttle" anything.

1 Apr, 2009

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