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what can you do with Hyacinths when finished flowering



Are these hyacinths you have had flowering inside? If so, they can be put into the ground and should flower next year, and just maybe the year after, but probably no longer than that.

14 Dec, 2011


I agree with Ojibway. I found some Hyacinth bulbs in my garden - a forgotten buy of indoor bulbs last year (they smell too strongly indoors IMHO). Looks like they spent the summer forming bulblets, so will come up again next year. I do not know how long they last...but if you put them somewhere and expect not to see them for over a year, then plant them out.

14 Dec, 2011


The Hyacinths we have been planting in the garden for the last 16 years are still flowering every year. Had to stop doing it last year as we have run out of space to put them.

14 Dec, 2011


I'm sure mine get rotted by frost, which is why they never last very long outside. I wish they would last longer, as yours do, Owdboggy.

14 Dec, 2011


Mine came back in the garden for a year or two, then disappeared

14 Dec, 2011


Our soil is well drained and very fertile and the bulbs we planted have spread into nice clumps.

14 Dec, 2011


The flowers aren't always as big in the garden though.

15 Dec, 2011


I agree, Steragram. When mine flowered in the garden, they were tiny compared to indoors.

15 Dec, 2011

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