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does anyone remember remember what looked like worms droppings ? i think ive figured out wear it came from . that would be a snail im quit sure .



That's interesting NP. I know water snail droppings are similar as in my early teens I used to have a pet water snail called Willie. He lived in an old glass sweetie jar and spent his days climbing up and down it. Thus it was that I found out that he was a hermaphrodite and also what a hermaphrodite is. Water snails can be very educational.
Later I got him a companion, a tadpole called Tilly who had adventures, including being washed down the sink plughole once - I rushed outside and caught her as she came out of the pipe and she grew up to be a little frog. Not that this has anything to do with those droppings.

15 Dec, 2011


thats amazing steragram . snails are hemophradites but they still have to mate to make each other pregnant unlike stick insects that need none of this they just fire eggs out . snails actualy fire a kind of harpoon carrying sperm into each other there is a kind of lizerd that just has babies with know mating . they think theres possibly males but there yet to find any .im full of useless animal information lol xx .

16 Dec, 2011


Hello NP - I remember ... there was/is no way it could have been worm casts on the bench, as everyone kept repeating, unless someone actually put them there and is why I queried it as a genuine question! The snail idea sounds much more plausible - good on you!

17 Dec, 2011


thank you i racked my brains trying to think what it could be lol .

17 Dec, 2011


Well NP, Willie managed to lay a great many viable eggs over a long period without any help for another snail so I finished up with quite a lot of very small snaillets. It was a long way to the nearest pond so that must have been a very powerful sperm harpoon!

18 Dec, 2011


i used to have giant land snails and they have hundreds of yellow eggs nearly the size of peas sterogram xx .

19 Dec, 2011


Never seen one f those - how big are they?

21 Dec, 2011


they live a long time and they eat most veg even pealings .they are huge a chunky 8" shell they eventualy get . cheep to and amazing going up glass .

21 Dec, 2011


8"!!! Good Grief!!!,Quite a sight.

23 Dec, 2011


a nice sight lol .

24 Dec, 2011


Did you take any photos?

26 Dec, 2011


im afraid not but if you type giant african landsnail onto utube youl see thereal thing x .

26 Dec, 2011

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