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I am going to try growing some shrubs from hardwood cuttings, am I right in thinking this is a good time to do so, and can you grow them in pots, I thoght a sandy mix would be best. Thanks for your help.Ld.



Yes sounds good to me

They are easy to do , dont forget rasberries goosgogs as well and currants.

I had a piece of honeysuckle that rooted, that I had cut off fell to the ground and it got covered with leaves .
My spring clean up I found with chunky roots so potted it up and now its planted on the new section of my garden , I have had this happen with box as well.


14 Dec, 2011


Hello yes autumn to late winter is ideal for taking hardwood cuttings, cut below the bud at the top and the bottom, and you can use hormone powder if you so wish, yes you can start them in pots, place three to four cuttings into a larger pot, or place straight into the ground, cuttings that do well are Cornus, budleija, climbers, physocarpus, forsythia, ribes, etc.

14 Dec, 2011


If putting the cuttings in a pot I use seed compost in the bottom 1/4 of the pot and then fill it with sand. The cuttings go into the sand and the roots then go down into the compost.

14 Dec, 2011


Currents, gooseberries and forsythia root straight into the ground over the winter with no problems.

15 Dec, 2011


Thank you all so much for this advice, I will give it all a try, thanks again and happy gardening.

17 Dec, 2011

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