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Ponds? How confusing can they be...


By Sneesam

United Kingdom Gb

I want a pond/water feature. I want to dig a hole in the garden, line it with the water proof liner and then fill it with water, put a pump in so there is a little fountain like effect.

One lonely night in bed it then crossed my mind, what happens when it rains...alot. My ground surrounding the pond will be saturated/flooded.

What do you do????



Create an area of bog garden around your pond - line it with the extra pond liner, pierce a few holes through it with your fork, put a layer of grit in the bottom, fill with soil, and plant with moisture loving plants.

31 Mar, 2009


ours is a raised pond and we have a small siphon that when the waterlevel gets too high it drains into the raised bed beside it. i planted astilbes there and so far so good. I've never had a 'floor' pond as we have always been over bedrock clay.

31 Mar, 2009

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