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hi moe detail on my laural and lalandi

Ireland Ie

hi and thanks for all replies, to answer your questions there has been no change in the ground or area. I have done a soil test on the ground with a tester from garden centre - ph level between 7-8 and seems to be low in npk. The ground is very sulky and wet and dries out very hard in summer . I have fertilised with 10 10 20 and watered regularly in dry times . There are no holes in the leaves of the laurels just yellow and falling off. Is it possible that they would not like the limey soil ? My lelandi are sowed 3 years and have never thrived and are black and brown in colour. I gave my Dad left overs of both lelandi and laurel and they grew on his ground very well.
thanks hope you can help



The PH is too high for most plants and shrubs. Your heavy soil is probably subsoil. To get better growing conditions you will have to dig away the present topsoil around your Laurel and Leylandii. Replace it with good topsoil and humus.

1 Apr, 2009


thanks doctorbob1
can you please tell me the best way to lower my ph level

1 Apr, 2009


Hi Darragh,
I have sent you a Private Message. Check your inbox.

2 Apr, 2009

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