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leylandi in pots?

kent, United Kingdom Gb

i have been given some freebies from a garden whose owners are going over seas soon.three pots have four foot leylandi in ! i dont want to plant them in my garden but know they should not be in pots!i dont want to just skip them and no one wants them!i have used them as a screen and my question really is will they just be stunted and live?or continue to need repotting?would like to home them if i can keep them in pots so they dont take over my small garden!



We prune all our conifers quite hard - never going back into old wood but taking off most of the new growth and keeping them short in height. We prune them in winter and summer. We've had some in the same pots for five years (though not Leylandii) and put fertilizer in them and occasionally scrape off the top couple of inches of soil and replace it with fresh. It's worth a try.

31 Mar, 2009


Dig the pots into the ground, to ground level, water and feed from time to time. As four seasons says trim twice a year April and August.

1 Apr, 2009

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