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I'm a rubbish user of growson You


By Trishy

United Kingdom Gb

Please help. I've flagged up a really helpful response to a question I posed as inappropriate by mistake (I didn't know what flag meant - I thought it was a good thing) and I wrote "private responses" to people who had answered my question - was that right or is there another method of response. Would someone please help me find my way around the site? (Sorry to Spritzhenry for the inappropriate flag thing)



Spritz.....good heavens. Whatever did you post???? LOL. :o) can answer people's responses right on the photo or question page. Scroll down to the end of the comments and you will see a box that says "Answer this question" or "Leave comment". Just type in your answer and click on "Submit" and your comment will be added on at the bottom of the list. You can respond this way to other peoples photos etc and your own.
Flagging means the content is inappropriate as you have found out.
I hope this helps.

1 Apr, 2009


Trishy, the flagging confused me at first until someone explained it, but now you know and have given us all a quiet chuckle.
If your response is a direct answere to a question then it is better in the open pages of the site, as Gilli describes, so that we can all learn and enjoy. If you want to speak to a person privately without blasting your message all across the ethers then us the private response facility.

1 Apr, 2009


dont worry too much Trishy, you will soon find your way around this site. i have flagged stuff by accident too,,

1 Apr, 2009


if it makes u smile, i spent a long time believing that flagging was something to do with country of origin!
It's a word that has a lot of meanings. : ))

I'm sure you aren't a "rubbish user". You'll find that as you become more and more addicted, it'll be second nature.

where are you in the UK?

1 Apr, 2009


Trishy, please don't worry any more - thanks for the PM and apology!

Gilli - I only suggested a white Lavatera and/or a white Hibiscus! Honestly!

Hmmm. Maybe that's controversial! :-(

1 Apr, 2009


I agree with all the comments above, we are all learner drivers at first.
You wont find a more forgiving and helpfull bunch of people anywhere.
Just one small point that some people still seem to struggle with, photos cant be rotated on this site so if you post a photo which has been taken with the camera in the portrait position firstly go to "My Photos" open it, then rotate using the options on the bottom bar, then it will stay rotated.
Dont want to seem so pedantic, sorry guys.
Anyway welcome, enjoy.

1 Apr, 2009

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