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Why do my daffodils have four heads?


By Tee_tee

north yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Ive been growing my daffodils for 15 years with no problems, always completley normal. Until last years when one bunch of them all grew two heads, and now this year the same bunch all have mutiple heads again, this year however the majority have three heads and some have two of four. Ive heard that some varietys of daffodils have more than one head per stem but my others all have one head as did this bunch in previous years. Does anybody have any idea what my plants are doing?



If you look at the stem of the four headed daffodil carefully you may see that it is thicher, or even flat and broad, compared with the one flowered daffodils. What has happened is that the dafffodil has grown four stems fused together and each has its own flower. I have had similar experiences with other bulbs and, particularly, with primulas.

1 Apr, 2009


what bulbaholic has described is called fascination. it doesnt usually do it again and again though. perfect name for it however. I found a daisy and a dandelion with it a coulpe of years ago. If they look pretty i'd pray they do it again and again. could be a natural mutation and you may have a new vareity. lucky you.

1 Apr, 2009


Thanks, Sbg, I couldn't remember the proper worm.

1 Apr, 2009


I also have a number of 4 small tiny headed daffodils glad someone else has asked the question will be glad to see what happens next year

2 Apr, 2012

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