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Green moss or algae-like substance on the compost of both seedlings and cuttings. Anyone any ideas what it could be?

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I have repooted all of my cuttings in the last month with compost purchased this year but they are now all covered with a moss/algae like substance. I always water with recycled water. Could that be the problem? The recycled water is only that which is collected in butts from off the greenhouse.
The moss is only on the compost and not the plants themselves, nor do they seem any the worse for it being there it just looks unsightly



When you say 'recycled water' do you mean grey water from the bath/shower etc?

1 Apr, 2009


If it is 'moss like' rather than moss then this will be liverwort. Does it appear as a mass of overlapping round leaves, dark green and wet looking? A sprinkling of salt is supposed to kill the liverwort or watering with pottasium permangamate solution. However, both are pretty severe solutions and I would try removing by hand if at all possible.

1 Apr, 2009


Yes, most likely it is in your water. Clean off moss/algae, water with a solution of Cheshunt compound.

1 Apr, 2009

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