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green house irrigation

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does anyone have a cheapish suggestion for supplying water to green house soil beds, for when I am on hols



years ago my father in law used an old length of hose pipe and put very small holes in along the length where the plants would be. he put one end in the water then started it syphoning and put a cork in the far end. it slowly siphoned out over about a week. He tried sinking plastic pop bottles into the ground next to toms . again put pin holes in and left them he reckoned that did for about 4 days. not ceratin how successful he was with it but he used to do it year on year so it must have worked for some of the time. it'll depend on how hot/sunny it is, which plants and how big they are too.

hope you get some other ideas.

2 Apr, 2009


Check out Bag Drip Watering Kit.

This is a large black bag that you fill with water and then adjust the drip mechanism to deliver the required amount of water over a set time period.

Two Wests and Elliot sell them, about £10.00

2 Apr, 2009


a good neighbour?? lol ...................steve

3 Apr, 2009

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