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What is the name of this fly?

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I keep seeing these in the garden but I dont know there name.
Can anyone help identify him for me?




Hi Treesandthi,
This looks like a hover fly to me. Try Google and see what you think.

2 Apr, 2009


Hummingbird Hawk moth I think, lucky you seeing one!

2 Apr, 2009


This is a Bee Fly. There are several different ones. They pretend to be Bees to protect themselves. and as Doctorbob says it is a type of Hover Fly.

2 Apr, 2009


Humming bird hawk moth and very early!

2 Apr, 2009


I can't see it properly, but if it is Hummingbird Hawk Moth you are lucky to see this lovely creature so early in the year.

Apparently, they are increasingly breeding in Britain. The first time I saw one i was mesmerised and had no idea what it was. They have a long proboscis and hover above the flower whilst feeding; quite big too and some people have mistaken it for a bird.

tThey like Verbena Bonariensis, I know that for sure.

2 Apr, 2009


Thanks Poaannua it is indeed a bee fly.

This large, squat hairy fly resembles a small bumble bee. It has long hairy legs, a very long, slender tongue and clear wings with a black band along their front edge. It is usually seen in early spring, hovering around flower borders and it takes an interest in both primroses and violets. The eggs are flicked towards the entrance of solitary bee nests.

The larvae are brood parasites in the nests of these bees and will be found where suitable areas for the nests of hosts coincide with woodlands, hedgerows or gardens rich in flowers. Adult flies feed on nectar, using their long proboscises whilst hovering beside a flower. Aubretia is one common garden plant frequently visited.

Taken from the Natural England web site.

2 Apr, 2009


I just saw one in my garden! Before seeing this question I would have thought it was a normal bee, but now I know better so thank you for asking!

4 Apr, 2009


I too saw one on a Aubrieta this morning.. I had never seen or noticed one before, only seen picture in a book. It really made my day.

4 Apr, 2009


I saw a bee fly this morning in a friend's garden in Edinburgh

5 Apr, 2009


Saw one of these today, first time in my garden in Sussex. My insect book says that the larvae are parasites of mining bees. I wonder if there is a bee fly population explosion going on and what effect it will have on the bees in our gardens

5 Apr, 2009


Good question. Mageth.

10 Apr, 2009

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