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The Miracle Grow plant food miracle


By Sid

Hereford, United Kingdom Gb

Why has my packet of Miracle Grow plant food gone to liquid? It did this last year, but it was in the garage and I assumed the roof had leaked or something. But this winter it was in a kitchen cupboard and it has gone almost to water again! Are the flowerpot people playing tricks on me? Am I going potty? Is there a rational explanation please anyone? :-S



Hi Sid,
You can still use it, If it has been in a warm place the crystals have turned to liquid.

3 Apr, 2009


I think the crystals absorb water molecules from the air Sid. It used to happen to mine when I lived on the coast. Up here it is so dry that it doesn't happen.
As for going potty......probably but we won't mention it to anyone. :oD

4 Apr, 2009


Oh thanks guys! For some reason I didn't get an alert in my inbox that I'd had replies......hmmm.

Dr b - Thanks for that. Unfortunately I was so disgusted it had happened again that I chucked the lot down the drain. Bit hasty there then.....

Gilli - I thought it must be s'thing like that......I suppose the kitchen where I'd kept it was pretty humid at times.......thanks for not mentioning my pottyness to anyone, but I think they all know! lol

7 Apr, 2009

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