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Footprints in the sand

North Yorks, United Kingdom Gb

Trials with pond construction continue. Just rebuilt shelves then series of nocturnal visitors began excavating cant get wildlife pond finished because of the wildlife! Any ideas who owner may be?




Could it be a fox? Not a cat. Can you give an indication of the prints' size?

15 Apr, 2008


Hi there seems most likely culprit a badger as long claw marks over two feet from bottom to top of ledge looked up footprints on badgers and appear similar. didnt know we had them more wildlife ill need to photo! Thanks for reply.

15 Apr, 2008


I am very sorry for you if you do have a badger or two. We get them in the summer/autumn digging holes all over the grass to find the larvae of the Crane flies. They make a terrible mess! As protected animals, we can't do a thing about it. I didn't stay up all night to get a photo - will you lose your night's sleep for one?

16 Apr, 2008

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