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Would you know where I can obtain detailed information about Japanese lotus plants? Are there any informative websites?

What seasonal changes do lotus plants undergo?
What can their flowers be used for?
What can their stems and/or seeds can be used for?
How tall can they get?
What environmental conditions do they like best?
How strong are their stems?
Do the flowers change colour throughout the year?
How long to the plants flower for?
In what month do lotus plants reach their full height? How long does this period last before the weight of their seed pod drags them down?

Most importantly, I would like to know how they behave under moonlight.
Do their flowers' petals close up?
Do they react to a lack of sunlight in some way on a nightly basis?
Could you also tell me more about the special nature of their leaves and how they behave with contact with water?

Please see the attached photograph of the specimen I would like more information on.

Many thanks for your help in advance.

Kind regards,

Img_9935 Img_9850



Here's a good place to start:

And more info here:

Hope this helps!

28 Dec, 2011

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