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I would like to purchase an easy to grow Fern,but i would like to own a true gold leafed one! does any one know of one to recomend? maybe you have one yourself,i dont know if there is one with true gold leaves or not iv heard one with the name gold but wondered if it really is golden yellow?



I grow (or grew) a lot of different ferns and whilst I have seen all shades of green and some metallic and reddish colours I have never seen a gold leafed fern.

28 Dec, 2011


Thanks owdboggy! i havnt myself sadly, i have read descriptions that say golden but none seem to be all that so i wondered if anyone had one, nevermind one day maybe who knows :)

28 Dec, 2011


Probably the nearest thing to a golden fern is dryopteris erythrosora, known as the autumn fern, which has golden tints for most of the growing season

28 Dec, 2011


Thanks Andrewr, i will have alook on the web for that one.

28 Dec, 2011


It is not a fern but it looks just like one have a google

golden dwarf Japanese Hinoki Cypress

if you plant it in sun it is quite golden in shade not so much. I think it will suit.

29 Dec, 2011


Thankyou pimpernel, i will have a look at that.

31 Dec, 2011

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