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Can anyone please advise on dilution of Jeyes Fluid for soil disinfection ?



Yes, DON'T! Why would you want to poison your soil with Jeyes Fluid?

29 Dec, 2011


When trying to disinfect/sterilise soil, it only lasts as long as it is impossible to grow anything in it, hygiene is the most important part on any growing area. Through the winter wash glass in greenhouses with a solution of vinegar and water. Very hot water can be used for pots and trays. Crop rotation with the right humus and fertilisers gives the best crops. Having used many products over the past 60+ years I am now following the organic methods in horticulture.

29 Dec, 2011


Hi, I work with Jeyes Ltd - you might like to look at the website for Jeyes Fluid at where you can see some video tips on recommended usages in the garden.
The only soil treatment use suggested is to get rid of moles by dipping some lollipop sticks in Jeyes Fluid and pushing them into the ground round a molehill - the smell is enough to drive them away.

2 Jan, 2012


Interesting information, Pg, thanks for the link. I wonder if Jeyes might be better for steriling my plant pots after washing. Currently use Supermarket Cheapest disinfectant.

2 Jan, 2012

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