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By Bjd

Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom Gb

My Arum lilies foliage is again looking like the floor of a tropical rain forest. Standing 5'-00" high with leaves like tobacco and stretching 10'-00" along a west facing fence.
My problem is:- The last two years at about this time, frost has reduced the foliage to a slimy mulch and come summer, the amount of gorgeous white blooms produced have been getting less than the year before.
As you will by now be aware, I am no Percy Thrower and regret that while the "Great Man" was imparting his pearls of wisdom on the world, I was always too busy doing other things.
In the event I am at a total loss of ideas on what to do in order to help my lilies.
I would be extremely grateful for any advice.



I have sent you a private message

30 Dec, 2011


I'm not sure whether Steragram's PM has answered your question or not though...

1 Jan, 2012


I keep mine moist, allow to dry very slightly before watering, and change compost every couple of years. Suggest you re-pot in fresh free-draining compost. Remove all dying leaves frequently, even during flowering. Reduced flowering is usually due to lack of feed and/or problem with too much or too little water. Also, if you have changed position of the plant then perhaps indirect light may be the answer - no direct light recommended.

2 Jan, 2012


No it didn't Bamboo, not got a clue. I was just getting a bit over excited that at last there is a Goyer who lives near me!!! Have to say that arum sounds very impressive and I really hope that I might get to see it sometime!

2 Jan, 2012


Oh okay - in that case, I'm wondering what you mean by Arum lily Bjd - are you speaking of Zantedeschia?

3 Jan, 2012


At 5' high and 10' long I would be surprised and impressed if this one was in a pot!

3 Jan, 2012

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