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Has anyone had any luck with keeping gazania over the winter? My "big book" gives conflicting advice saying it is perennial but also annual. At the moment it is still trying to flower and the leaves are still healthy. Help please.



Yes I kept them but the frosts last year put paid to them very quickly...even those in the cold greenhouse

31 Dec, 2011


I have a very healthy looking Gazania "Bicton Orange" in a basket at the moment, despite the few frosts that we've had.
To be honest, as they're so cheap they'll have to take their chances..........

31 Dec, 2011


Dear Wilma
It is an annual for sure a Gazania. (you know they are from very hot countries so not likely to survive now. Vanes

31 Dec, 2011


Easily done in a cold, frost free greenhouse or conservatory. Choose a gritty soil and keep watering to an absolute minimum. Basically, treat as you would for over wintering palargoniums.

31 Dec, 2011


Gazania is perennial in its home (South Africa) but wont take a hard frost and is best treated as annual here.

31 Dec, 2011


Thanks to everyone who answered.

1 Jan, 2012


Agree with all the above, but in this mild winter, my gazania are still budding and flowering, opening on sunny days. I keep them well dead-headed, and if it continues mild hope they survive to the spring. A splash of colour and green at this time of year!

2 Jan, 2012


Thank you. Mine are doing the same and trying to flower. According to my flower book they should be perennial.

3 Jan, 2012


I am trying to keep some in pots in a cold greenhouse so will be interested to see if it's possible...or worth the effort! They have perked up since being potted up and continue to flower. The mild winter is helping, no doubt!

5 Jan, 2012


Hi Volunteer
I think I may well do that, however, at the moment they seem OK having survived quite a few frosts. Thank you.

6 Jan, 2012

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