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Not sure if my question has gone through so will try again. Has anyone had any luck with keeping Grasania through the winter. My big book says it is both annual and perennial.



One of the seed companies say they should be treated as HHA (half hardy annuals) although they are listed as HP (hardy perennials) Below is a link to a site explaining how to grow them from seed. It also explains how to propagate them from soft tip cuttings in spring, which you can then overwinter in shelter before planting out, or by root cuttings. Where plants are iffy it is always a good idea to take some cuttings just in case they do not survive outside.

31 Dec, 2011


Thank you tree surgeon.

1 Jan, 2012


HI I live in northern part of Wyoming with hard winters and I have wintered my Gazinia's the last 2 winters. The ones in pots I cut back and sat on a shelf in our garage with a light over them and towards spring start watering them and they have gotten big and healthy looking. The ones in the planter we cut back and my husband covered them with bags of leaves-cleans off the leaves come spring and low and behold they are sprouting up. I have had good luck with wintering them.

5 Oct, 2018

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