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Have A arber That Has Has Two Planter Boxs On Each Side. Looking For A Perennial that will flower from spring To Fall. Live In The south East U.S. Zone 7.



Like To Have Something Big In A Bloom.

31 Dec, 2011


Welcome, Whirlybrd02!

How about:

Blanket Flower (Gaillardia aristata)
Lance-leaf Tickseed (Coreopsis lanceolata)
Gaura, tall kinds (Gaura lindheimeri)
Missouri Coneflower (Rudbeckia fulgida)

Assuming that you meant herbaceous perennials

31 Dec, 2011


Most important is how big the planter boxes are - if they're shallow troughs, say, no deeper than a foot, you're restricted to plants which only get a maximum of 2/2.5 feet.

1 Jan, 2012


Some veronicas flower for ages, or if a small shrub would do then potentillas flower longer than just about any other.

1 Jan, 2012


Have you thought of ruddbekia - various colours yellow to deep red, large daisy like blooms and flower forever? Dead-heading not necessary, just as you are passing. Herbaceous perennial, clumps can be split in late autumn after cutting down. Loved by bees. Likes full sun but does need a good water once a week and feed once a month. Can grow up to 2m, including flower head. Surprisingly shallow rooted for such a prolic flowering plant.

2 Jan, 2012

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