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Hello. I need to prune a couple of two year old apple trees - Gloucester Domestica and Melrose. As they have not fruited yet, I cannot tell whether they are spur-bearers or tip bearers. I have tried the internet to find out without success! How can I tell what type they are? Can anyone please point me in the right direction? Thanks very much.



Hello! First of all, you have time until February/march to prune your apples, so don't worry about timing. After removing dead and crossing branches, and opening up the shape of the tree, and lifting any branches getting in the way of mowing etc, look at the individual branches. Do they have lots of side shoots (ie spurs) on them or do they have longer growth with a bud at the end? The former are spur and the latter tip. Hope this helps, and Happy New Year to you!

2 Jan, 2012


Try looking at a useful little website - - their international fruit tree register - it might have the information you need.

2 Jan, 2012


Thanks very much for your answers. From your info Avkq47, it looks as though I may have one of each! I will have a look at the website you have pointed me to Gattina. Thanks again to you both. And a Happy New year to you too!

2 Jan, 2012

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