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By Skipper

Avon, United Kingdom Gb

grew belstar calabrese last year. many plants were blind. anyone recommend another variety? also any info re parsnip tender and true?
thanks a lot



Tender and true does well for us. A lot of calabrese were blind last year due to the very odd seasons.

3 Jan, 2012


We've grown tender and true this past year. And it is. Lovely flavour, too.

3 Jan, 2012


Didn't do parsnips this year - germination rate been poorly in recent years, but had no trouble with the broccoli - Six planted, of the strongest germinators, and six lovely plants grew - lots of rich, moist compost provided, and regularly watered. I just kept re-filling water butts from the hosepipe then leaving them 48 hours to reduce chlorine content before watering to veg plot. Bugs are a problem, nibbling away at the new shoots, but a good douse with bug and slug killer will solve this, giving shoots time to produce under the cabbage white netting??!! Could be a question of compost and water, Avon? Also, from parsnip trials in the past, they do like lots of depth to grow in - allow 12-18 inches from top to bottom and the less they are watered the longer they get!! So you get lots of lovely long tender shoots. Over-watering leads to hairy side-shoots and a woody centre.

3 Jan, 2012


Difficult to control the watering of a parsnip if it is raining for weeks on end...

3 Jan, 2012


We had not such good results with our broccoli this year, too: lots of lovely growth but poor head production. I hadn't appreciated there had been problems elsewhere: I thought it was just us.....

4 Jan, 2012


We had little rain here in the midlands this year, but i do use a plastic sheet on a hoop system (like a poly tunnel) for when it does get too wet, and with raised beds the watering is easier to control. I have found that broccoli need lots of compost and since I started treating them like beans, have had a much better crop. Could be worth a try? Your compost may be nitrogen rich but mineral poor, if that makes sense?

4 Jan, 2012

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