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Can I ask a couple of question of all those experienced Heuchera growers...
I have tried to grow these before but found the dreaded Vine Weevilv grubs are a problem. They are nice so I've decided to give them a second chance. Idealy I would prefer to plant these in the borders...

Are these pests kept at bay easier if in containers?
what do others do to help control these pests?
I know that most heucheras prefer some shade but how do they cope with wind? (not the brussel sprout kind :))
Thanks x



Most of mine are in pots Scottish and rest under my Mahonia area .

But I have not been bothered with any type of grub.

Maybe I am lucky.

Good luck growing again.

4 Jan, 2012


My Heuchera (1 - Peach Flambe) is in a shady area in a pot, but they do look great in borders - esp if in different colours. I have not had problems with Vine Weevils but Moth Caterpillars have been having a nibble this year. DRC726 (forgotten her real name) has them in her border amd I think look good there. Later this year I am going to do something similar.

4 Jan, 2012


I've only ever grown them in the ground - never had a problem, personally. They can look a bit tatty at the end of winter, and some do better with a bit more sun than others, but I generally plant them in part sun part shade, or lightly shaded areas. Wind not usually a problem because they're low growers.

4 Jan, 2012


Scottish I have a container garden and have had the dreaded vine weevil. They love containers as when its a bit dry they can sneak down the sides and lay their eggs.
I have used Provado vine weevil killer and it has been successful so I do a mild soak every winter and at the start of spring on all non edible stuff. I have read also they like rich peat based compost and I started by using too much of that so I use half soil and half non peat based now and I havent seen any grubs for a long time.
You can also try a natural killer, nematodes but I havent tried that

4 Jan, 2012


I have a bed with 10 in and so far no sign of pests.
I found this on line which may be of use to you from one grower:

Vine Weevil
All our plants are grown with vine weevil control used on the nursery and in the compost.
We only sell plants grown on our nursery so we guarantee all our plants are vine weevil free when they leave our nursery.
Below is our own advise followed by indepth information from the RHS advisory service.
Vine weevil are a pest any gardener would prefer never to see in their garden.
Unfortunatley they love most of the plants that we love!•
Arisaema, Aster, Astilbe, Azalea, Begonia, Camellia, Clematis,Cyclamen,Echinacea, Epimedium, Euonymus,Fuchsia, Heuchera,Hosta,Impatiens,Kalmia,Lilium,Phlox, Primula,Rhododendron,Sedum,Strawberry,Syringa,
Taxus,Tsuga, Wisteria and plenty of other plants that you love! Sorry!

However, Heucheras Are Great News

Heucheras are different than alot of other plants when affected by Vine weevil so dont dispair read on.....

If your beloved Heuchera comes under attack and you discover that most or all of the roots have gone.

1. Lift your plant and inspect the roots or lack of them tacking all the compost off.
If they fall into pieces dont worry, take the stumpy pieces that are left that have a basal 'knobble' (where the leaves or roots usually come from) and wash in clean water, vigorously.

2. Take a cocktail stick and check the bottom has no little horrors left hidding in there, pick out with cocktail stick if you find one, feel free to vent your anger on them at this point! (Very therapeutic I think)
Robins and birds will love them from the bird table (best to kill them first in case they wriggle away!) or give them to your hens if you have them.

3. When all cleaned and de-vine weeviled you can then pop into a fresh pot of compost water lightly.
No need to cover.
Wait a few weeks and lovely new fresh roots will grow back.
Do not over water at this stage as they can go rotten if you do.

4 Jan, 2012


Yes I changed to a non peat based compost (better for the environment too) when I discovered that vine weevils love the peat and were munching all my lovely begonia corms.

4 Jan, 2012


I havent used Peat for many years, I didnt know that Cammimile perhaps thats why I dont seem to get this pest?

4 Jan, 2012


Thanks for that very useful tip Denise, I binned a large Palace Purple last summer without even thinking about trying to re-plant parts of it :o))

4 Jan, 2012


We have vine weavil in the garden but have learned that we have to live with them. Because we have a largish garden the loss of an individual plant from vine weavil is not so noticeable, however we see rhododendron leaves that have been chewed and find the occaisional adult beetle.
They are a nuisance to plants growing in pots. If I notice a primula drooping I give the pot a good soaking then keep a close eye on it. As soon as it droops again I have learned to knock out the plant and look for the grubs. Provado do a solution for soaking the compost but I prefer not to use this.
I would suggest that you plant them in the garden, where they look so much better anyway, and avoid using any peat near the plants. Vine weavil love peat, unfortunately they also tolerate other compost materials.

4 Jan, 2012


I've only ever (so far) lost one heuchera to vine weevil and that was growing in a pot; all the ones in the garden have been fine. Never seem to have been affected by wind either

4 Jan, 2012


Due to a broken ankle I have been unable to attend my collection of heuchera which are all in pots. Yes I have Vine weevil and my plants have been treated with provado too, called a drench. They think tuberous begonias are yummy too!My Palace Purple didn't get a drench. I notice, glancing through the window today, that the storm recently has taken the top off it!!!= vine weevil. If I could get to it and wash off the root and repot, it would probably grow again. They can be very forgiving. Several of mine are still thriving after such a mishap. In fact Marmalade is better than ever since it was scalped way back.

4 Jan, 2012


mines are all in pots and so far I have no problems but the advice on here is worth remembering thanks

4 Jan, 2012


Thank you all...all you comments and tips are duly noted. It is my preference to grow them in the borders. Hopefully this will help others who may be experiencing similar problems.
I have done the pick it up and wash it all out and replant before and it has worked - for a while but I think what happens is that by the time I notice they have been chewed it is getting to late in the year and they don't have enough time to put on more root.
I will probably opt for the nematodes and see how that goes.
Dorjac...hope you can get up and about soon!
Thanks again - all of you xx

5 Jan, 2012

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