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we have just been given an orchid for xmas
but dont know how to look after it
and will keep going after its flowered
also must it be kept indoors



depends what type of orchid it is, if it's dendrobium then put it somewhere it can have a cool spell that will trigger flowers next year, if a moth orchid 'phalanopsis' they like humidity like kitchen or bathroom..

4 Jan, 2012


Could you add a photo of your orchid to your Q? Will make life a lot easier for us.

4 Jan, 2012


Cymbidiums are everywhere at this time of year too..........

5 Jan, 2012


I'm not usually in favour of recommending other fora but in the case of orchids, which are a huge genus and are rather specialist, I suggest you have a look through

which is the best, and certainly the friendliest, orchid specialist site this side of the Atlantic.

Do come back here though and let us know how you get on. This site is friendly too.

5 Jan, 2012


Yes I am a member of this forum and have had valuable help re my orchids from them.

My Dends are in my vestibule area of our home which is cooler and there are now showing signs of new growth.

I have many phals all in my lounge in bloom.

Other phals not in bloom in kitchen showing new growth to.

Yesterday I fed all my orchids .I have two feeds I for orchids in bloom and another growth feed.

They are not outdoor Orchids although in Summer I have stood mine outdoors but still take in at night.

Most of all enjoy and its so easy to get hooked on them.

5 Jan, 2012


To quote Spritzhenry - 'One of the most commonly asked questions on GOY is about the care of Orchids – usually meaning ‘Moth Orchids’ – or ‘Phalaenopsis’.
You will find lots of photos and written comments/ information/tips from members on Goypeadia on several types of Orchid.

5 Jan, 2012


Did you say hooked Scotkat? I bought a Phal noid (that is no i.d., i.e. unknown species or hybrid) from Morrisons about 3 years ago and now you can't move in my house for chids, lol.

I've even had to ask a neighbour to over-winter a Coelogyne Unchained Melody for me because it needs to go dormant at around 8-10º celsius for about 3 months to get it to flower next year and nothing in our house or garden is anything like that. The good news is Ppoi that most commercial orchids are not so fussy and I doubt if anyone has bought you one of those. The bad(ish) news is that no one will be able to advise you unless we know exactly what it is. If you were bought it for Xmas, my money is on a Phal noid which are easy. A photo would make it easy to i.d.

5 Jan, 2012

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