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By Dan22

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

O.K I went outside today to find my 4 little cordyline shoots sat in a puddle of water (waterlogged) so i drained the soil with a trench and is no longer sat in the puddle. Will the action have saved the plant from rot.




Should do, if the plant isn't waterlogged now.

5 Jan, 2012


In the long run, some variation on a French drain may be necessary, if this is a recurring problem--and you don't want to keep stumbling into the trench! : )

5 Jan, 2012


How long can it stay waterlogged without rotting.

There is also clay in the soil.

5 Jan, 2012


Presumably this is just a temporary problem from the amount of wild weather and excessive rain we've been having - you certainly need to keep an eye on it, I wouldn't leave it waterlogged for longer than 24 hours personally, and certainly not more than 2 days.

5 Jan, 2012


from my lmtd experiance cordalines dont realy like it to wet at all so i agree with bamboo .id perhaps think of moving it very early spring while its dorement and put something in that like the wet more .

6 Jan, 2012


If the spot your cordaline in is prone to water, then I agree with Noseypotter - you need to move it to a free drainage site with protection from cold prevailing winds. Perhaps japanese iris would do better in that spot?

7 Jan, 2012

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