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hello everyone and a happy windy wet new year to you all . something that i have designed into my garden and is ocasionaly mensioned is dog runs etc as dog ownership is very commen . the best attempt ive ever seen was a stupid sand pit in the mane garden with silly toys in it for the dogs to dig out . i wonder how that looks now lol . its something that is just never realy adressed anywear . if you want a nice garden have a place for the dogs seperate . males kill taller plants and bitches kill the grass let alone getting scat out of grass sucsesfully (yak) doesnt realy mix with children much either . kids are very commen in gardens to and for that reasen do get mentioned . i have basicly made a long slim dog run all on cement sloping down to soil behind my raised pond which also doubles as a wall to stop the dogs getting in and it hides the smelly bit and my wheely bins . also another bonus is you realy cut down on nail clipping and smell . my springer has had his nails cut twice in 13 years for instance .also its easy to wash down in my case and the cherry tree seams to love it so jeyes fluid doesnt seam to nad in this case . i just wonder why its just not mentioned on tv realy . just a observation as much as a question realy .

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the skull planter is in my dog run to hide certain things and break up the cement . also dogs given the chance will hide to do powder there noses as there very vulnerable in that position so i tend to not see most toiletry actions lol .a garden within a garden basicly .i plan to put some other planters/statues in the garden to break it up more .

6 Jan, 2012


It doesn't get mentioned does it - except for when it's too late!

I used to have a similar problem with Candy - I could walk her all day without a hint of toilet action, yet the first thing she would do when we got home was relieve herself!

6 Jan, 2012


no i find that very strange meanie considering the amount of pet dogs in just england let alone britain .

6 Jan, 2012


we had a kennel with a run for them, I think the fresh air is good for them and they went in if it rained

6 Jan, 2012


yes pam and it saves ya garden much better x .

6 Jan, 2012


hi np and a happy new year to you mate i hope you had a good un.

6 Jan, 2012


you to kenny boy .

7 Jan, 2012

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