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just a follow on picture from the first question realy just couldnt add enough planters . should of done a blog but there you go .

Diy_209 Diy_220 My_lovley_pack_018



looks a big planter, whats going in it, and haw are the puppies they must be growing up now....

6 Jan, 2012


the pups are 7 weeks old now and looking lovley thanx pam x . i have 2 acers in the wider end and a montanna up the thin end . should look nice when it fills out and they go with the varigated acer tree at the end .

6 Jan, 2012


Sounds lovely Np, any chance of puppy photo,s before they leave home...please...:0)

6 Jan, 2012


That looks great, once it gets established it will be a lovely feature, i love those face features on the side could i ask where you brought them from? i have a woodland garden and love unusual features one of these would really go well in my garden?

6 Jan, 2012


I strongly suspect NP designed and built?! He is an amazing sculpture/artist. It is as it is and nothing else is needed to make it what it is ... in answer to pamg and julien questions about planters and what it's for etc etc!!

6 Jan, 2012


Sounds like Popeye - I am what I am and that's all that I am...

Julien, you will have to talk very very nicely to NP!

6 Jan, 2012


its true i sculpted and built the origional lol . love your comments lol . i do believe if your lucky my friend has one or two left of this perticuler item .trouble is the moulds gone and the postage is gonna be lots if there are any left but i will definatly ask if you want julien and thanx to everyone ,happy new year lol .

7 Jan, 2012


Thanks NP i have sent you a pm.

9 Jan, 2012


your welcome mate .

9 Jan, 2012

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