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hi all is there any bonsai growers here . do i keep my bonsaia azalias in the green house over winter ? i also have a 20yr old crab apple i have brought that back into the house will it be too warm for them ? cheers pete



I would keep the Azalia bonsai in the greenhouse till March then start acclimatising it to outside with a view of keeping it outside permanently.

Crab apple are really hardy - I would take it outside asap.

6 Jan, 2012


thanks kildermorie its been outside along time maybe its better there as you say cheers

6 Jan, 2012


i have a realy good expert bonsai grower and any trees that naturaly are from a temperate zone are outside period . he just has a couple of trees indoors that are from hot countries . i hope this helps .

8 Jan, 2012


thanks noseypotter i will place the crab apple outdoors in a safe place ,cheers

9 Jan, 2012


your more than welcome tanjipete .

9 Jan, 2012

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