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Large Bay tree - when to chop?


By Bubble

United Kingdom Gb

Can anybody tell me when the best time would be to reduce a bay tree by about half?? We have one that has got rather out of control and has started blocking light to other plants?

On plant Laurus



Hi Bubble - I'm not sure about bay trees particularly, but I would say that reducing a shrub by half would put alot of strain on the plant and might well kill it. Better to reduce it by, say, a quarter this year and another quarter next year. Either that or take plenty of cuttings before you go ahead!

15 Apr, 2008


i chopped a huge one into a lolly pop shape two years ago in the spring. it's still doin fine. remember to feed and water.

15 Apr, 2008


Thanks very much. I'm currently doing my best to stop my husband taking the hedge cutter to it!! Obviously its annoying him as much as it is me.

16 Apr, 2008


I chopped a huge bay tree back by at least half a few weeks ago, i was going to dig it out altogether but then decided that in its (much-reduced) state it could maybe stay. So far it looks fine.....I'll let you know what happens!

17 Apr, 2008

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