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Sowing and planting wildflowers


By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone been successful with sowing and planting out wildflowers. I have successfully germinated a lot of them in some large containers, but I would now like to plant them out in a grassy area of my garden. Does anyone know if they will transplant or will they all die off?



Hi Andrea - it really depends upon what sort of wildflowers you are planting and how vigorous the grass is you want to plant into. Bare in mind that most wildflowers prefer very poor soil that does not support vigorous grass species, as they simply can't compete. A friend of mine did some experimenting and found the ones that survived in 'uncut lawn grass' had to have a an area of grass cleared from around them - I think he used a bit of gravel around the bases of hte plants to supress the grass. Basically, wildflowers are not as easy an option as they might first seem! Hope this helps - I'm sure others will have comments to add. :-)

15 Apr, 2008


Sid right Andrea they can be difficult to establish and think of all the greedy unwanted weeds that would like to dominate these have to be individually removed. Do you know if you already have wildflowers growing ? People often assume they will grow in long grass confusing a wild flower lawn with a meadow,
you still need to cut grass albeit with mower on its highest setting.
Think your on right lines to introduce them as they establish will self seed.gravel used around collar of plant to stop it rotting off.
now would normally be the right time but still getting frosts so would wait a while.Wild flower lawns contain low growing plants its the meadows that contain wild poppies foxgloves cornflower etc.

15 Apr, 2008


thanks for the advice.

17 Apr, 2008

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