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White flies on umbrella tree plant

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I have an umbrella tree plant, I cut it down about 12 months ago and now I have a beautiful healthy plant, the only problem the leaves have lots of tiny white flies on them. What are they and how do I get rid of them.


On plant Schefflera arboricola



White flies are quite a common pest but unfortuntely, not so easy to get rid of. They multiply at quite an alarming rate. They are sap suckers and leave a sticky residue that then turns black to sooty mould.

Still, don't worry. Most of the bug sprays will kill what you have (although you are seeing the adults) so you'll have to keep up with it. Those containing bifenthrin and thiacloprid will work best and if you can, get yourself a systemic spray so that the young will die as they feed.

13 Apr, 2009


i have had whitefly on my arboricola for 2 years and have not treated it. the black sooty mold is not attractive, but the plants remain primarily unharmed. the negative impact of using insecticides in your garden should be given serious consideration - the poison does not limit itself to the "bad" bugs...

12 Apr, 2014

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