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I have just harvested masses of seed from my tall, white Schizostylis (to my surprise). Should I try sowing some now, and saving some for Spring? - and if saved, should they be kept cold??



Kaffir lily - I asked bulbaholic about this before - he is the one to know!

11 Jan, 2012


The ordinary kaffir lilies selfseed very easily, so I wouldn't expect you to have any trouble with them Sheilabub. You could always try sowing some now, put some in the fridge and keep some for spring sowing. That way you will cover all bases.

BTW, how are your Dietes? Mine are looking a bit "shredded" in the leaf department, but mostly still present.

12 Jan, 2012


Thanks Avk and Beattie. I'll do as you suggest!

My Dietes are looking OK . . . they seem to be surviving in my unheated greenhouse (but as it is not too old, and wooden, it's still quite cosy). They have stopped growing, and are about 4" high.

12 Jan, 2012


I stuck mine in the garden where they're taking their chances, they're also about 4" high. I hope they survive!

13 Jan, 2012


Maybe they will flower this year, Beattie? I live in hope!

13 Jan, 2012

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