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If I use creosote on a trellis what will be the effect on nearby plants



Creosote is now a banned substance as it is terribly carcinogenic (gives cancer). Do not think you can even buy it any more. The original stuff was very damaging to plants, even the fumes turned the leaves black. Not sure if the modern replacement stuff is as bad, you would need to read the label. However, there are plenty of good fence protection materials available which are plant friendly.

11 Jan, 2012


There is a substance called Creocote which smells and looks very much like creosote to me! However, I would still choose to use one of the branded timber treatment products. Some of these claim to not harm plants but I would not trust this. When I am treating a fence I take old drop-cloths out with me and drape them over nearby plants. It only takes a few minutes to paint a short section of fence and the cloths can be removed immediately.

11 Jan, 2012


I agree with the above..have a look at B&Q,or Wilkinson's if you have them,they both do 'Garden shades' types of paint for wood...own makes and branded names...

11 Jan, 2012


I always use Cuprinol one coat , in dark oak, its very good and lasts quite a few years before repainting is needed, there is one called Ronseal fencelife, good but i find cuprinol better.

11 Jan, 2012



We sprayed our all of our fences around the garden 2 years ago with garden shades in black, It says on the tin that it does not effect plants. We had to spray over established climbers, wisterias, clematis etc, we found the best time to do this was late winter before the new leaves were emerging and although we had some black stems as we used a sprayer it did not effect any of the plants at all and the black stems did not look out of place against the fence if that makes sense. The black colour looks stunning against the foliage and flowers. I can show you some pictures if you are at all worried about your plants.

11 Jan, 2012


hi the modern stuff is as bad.i put creocote on my fence 2 years ago like the fool i am i propped the panels up near the honeysuckle slap happy as i am got it on the leaves of the plant it burnt/killed the leaves where it caught them.but must admit everything is as normal as it was before.i wouldnt advise doing any trellises over a pond though.good luck.

11 Jan, 2012

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