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By Sunbeam

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Re-using compost in potato planters- is this possible? I've got several planters and today have just taken out the new potatoes from seed potatoes I planted in the Autumn (they did quite well, I'll get a few meals off them) but it seems a shame to just throw away the compost?



you can but if there are any potato diseases in the compost then the new crop will be affected. I often spread old compost on the flower beds or at the base of shrubs. It helps the soil structure and any nutrients left feed the plants.

11 Jan, 2012


thank you, I will spread some on the garden like you suggest. do you think some of the remaining compost would be ok in the bags/planters for other veg - tho not tomatoes I suppose? I would need to top it up with new compost anyway but it's just that it's so expensive to get lots of new compost each time.

11 Jan, 2012


Should work Sunbeam so long as not the solanum family

11 Jan, 2012


It is not wise to reuse compost for the same or similar types of plants eg potatoes/tomatoes as you say, Sunbeam. It would be quite ok to use it for other vegetable crops.

11 Jan, 2012


You should add some more fertilizer though as it will all have been used up.

11 Jan, 2012

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