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Blueberry bushes?


By Lollyxx

Shropshire, United Kingdom Gb

Anyone got blueberry bushes in their garden? How easy are they to grow?? I've got a bed free at the allotment which is approx 3.5m x 1m and I was thinking about putting 2 blueberry bushes in as the boys love them but they are so expensive I can't afford them!

Any tips or varieties that are good?

On plant Vaccinium corymbosum (Blueberry)



Use the search feature on here for Weemamabell and her blog on Blueberries. Lots of information on there. The main point is blueberries are acid loving so you might have to plant them in pots!
Good luck

16 Apr, 2008


Thanks very much - off to search now! Will have to check my soil, but could I plant them in the ground within a pot, the plot it very open and I'm worried they may get blown over if they're just standing in a pot...

16 Apr, 2008


Yep ,check out my blog , i got lots of help , ive got my Bluberry plants in pots I put some stones in the bottom of the pots to make them heavy then used ericaceous compost ,they seem to be quite happy so far . Hope this helps .

16 Apr, 2008


Hi Lollyxx, being growing top hat for three years, frist year in a pot did not fruit, so planted in the garden which is heavy clay, been getting big and sweet fruit every since, which my children loves, their do need alot of water in the summer hopes this helps...chezs

17 Apr, 2008


Hi Lolly ,

We have 8 blueberry bushes , they do need ericaceous compost ,unless your soil is acidic, also lots of water but not tap water as most tap water is alcaline use rain water ,
The squirrels love ours so if you have pests cover with a net .

p.s our Tesco,s have some lovely bushes in at the moment .

best wishes

17 Apr, 2008

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