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Collared Dove
I have found three dead ones in my garden over the last month, no sign of any injurie's at all, anybody got any idea's what might be causing this? Thank's



They may have been eating rat poison.

13 Jan, 2012


yes... seems like some kind of poison ...
How upsetting for you, Mavis, to find those.

13 Jan, 2012


Yes Terratoonie it is upsetting,as I love to feed the bird's, the one I picked up this morning was still breathing.My neighbour blamed his partner by saying she was given them the wrong kind of food, but I checked on R.S.P.B and all we are given them is okay. Owdboggy we did have rat poison down in the Summer but I am sure that it is all away now or does it leave the soil contaminated?

13 Jan, 2012


Hi again Mavis...
I got this from an RSPB site ..
not sure whether is would apply to your garden ...


Why are the collared doves in my garden dying?

Sadly, collared doves are one of the main sufferers of a disease called trichomoniasis (canker). It affects the upper digestive tract causing lesions in the birds’ throats making it difficult to feed and eventually to breathe.

The infected bird may die of starvation or possibly choking. It is not caused by anything that you have done.

However, you can help to prevent it from spreading. The best course of action is to stop feeding for at least a month. Sweep up and dispose of any left over food and, if possible disinfect all feeding areas.

In summer, natural food is plentiful so the birds will not suffer. Your feeding area ought to be free of any infection by the time the birds return, in search of food, at the onset of cooler weather.

In winter, place food in hanging feeders only. Sweep up any that falls to the ground each day, to prevent the spread of disease.

13 Jan, 2012


I have heard (and it certainly happens here) that some unscrupulous farmers put poisoned food out to kill wood pigeons that damage their crops. It's illegal, I'm sure, and poison doesn't discriminate between species this close. It's a cruel death.
There is another possibility, and that is a viral illness. About 5 years ago, we lost what was a huge local population of wood pigeons, and, as you might expect, the farmers were blamed, but a vet was called, and said that there was a virus that was wiping out whole groups of them. Again, if wood pigeons succumb, there's very little reason why it shouldn't affect collared doves, too. Shame.

13 Jan, 2012


Very interesting Terratoonie and Gattina, I will share this information with my friend , she does scatter seed but I only use feeder's and my home made fat cake's Thank's for your quick reply's.

13 Jan, 2012


No, it is not illegal to poison pigeons. They are classed as vermin and rightly so. When you see the damage a flock of them can do to a field of wheat, you would want to get rid of them yourself. They also carry Salmonella germs and other nasties too which they spread with their droppings.

13 Jan, 2012


it could be poison.We had a poisoned dove,which was sadley eaten by our cat,resulting in a dead cat, so if you have cats or dogs please be very careful

13 Jan, 2012


When I said that it is illegal, I don't know about the UK, and what I was referring to is the kind of poison our farmers use here- i.e. strychnine. (horrendous, filthy stuff) I am sure THAT must be illegal in the UK, too.

13 Jan, 2012


I think Terratoonie has it..trichomoniasis is affecting many birds. It would be a good Idea to visit our sister site and ask advice there.

13 Jan, 2012


I did try I.spy.a bird but as I got no reply's I removed the blog and when I found the third dove ,I posted the blog on G.o.Y and got answer's and advice very quickly Pimpernel ,thankyou

13 Jan, 2012


I think a PM to Tommyshortlegs is required Mavis..

13 Jan, 2012


We sometimes have to use rat poison as we,re surrounded by fields, the farmer puts the tray in a piece of long pipe in a ratrun which keeps it awayfrom all but vermin

14 Jan, 2012


I am in southern France and have a breeding pair in the garden one of which regularly invades our chicken run. Twice in the last three days I have found dead chicks below the nest both of which had severe stab wounds to the neck. I suspect peer rivalry. Both otherwise seemed healthy and well developed chicks close to nest exit.

17 Aug, 2021

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